Puerto Vallarta February 2014

January 31, 2014 - February 8, 2014

Andy and Andrea announced that they were going to get married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February. After a lot of serious thinking, I decided that I would go by myself (since they trip would be too much for Maya).

Enoying a margaritaI got to Puerto Vallarta on Saturday, February 1 and had the whole morning to relax and enjoy some "alone time" by the pool before everyone else started arriving. I sat by the pool and enjoyed the very warm temperatures, went in the pool and even had some delicious margaritas and chicken quesadillas. This trip was very relaxing and a "do-whatever-I-wanted-type" trip. The majority of the time I just hung out by the pool drinking strawberry margaritas, eating grilled fish tacos and relaxing in the water and on the chairs with family and friends.

Los Arcos scuba divingI went scuba diving and had 2 great dives. I went to the Los Arcos dive spot where I saw lots of blowfish, rays, a snake and eels. The dive sites were ok. There wasn't great visibility (about 20ft.) and there weren't a lot of marine life or colors. But, even if I don't see a lot, I still love diving and being underwater.

Breaching humpback whaleI also went on a humpback whale watching tour. I had read that from December to February, the mother whales migrate to the waters around Puerto Vallarta to give birth to their calves. So, going on a tour you were very likely to see the whales surface. I had been on a whale watching tour before in New Zealand, but this one definitely outdid the New Zealand one and really surprised me. As the boat I was on was headed towards a group of 6 whales that they had detected under the water, all of the sudden one of the humpback whales jumped out of the water (breached). It was the most incredible sight. It was like watching a National Geographic documentary, but in person!!! They kept jumping out of the water, which was so beautiful. Humpback whale They also surfaced and were slapping their fins on the water. Between the jumping/breaching and the beautiful sight of their tails going into the water, this was one of the most incredible sights I've ever seen.

Ready for the weddingAndy and Andreas wedding was very pretty and fun. It was an intimate beach ceremony, on a private island. There was a lot of dancing and celebration.

The trip was very fun and relaxing, but it was also really nice to get home to my 2 loves!!!

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