Granada & Zahara de los Atunes & Madrid June 2003

June 23, 2003 – July 2, 2003

Mom and Dad came to visit in June. Since they had already visited the Bilbao area in September 2002, we decided to visit other places in Spain. We picked them up at the Madrid Airport and started a road trip (Ivan lent us his car to use, since ours uses so much gas and is really small for four people to travel in).

This was the summer of the 2003 European heat wave, which was one of the hottest summers on record in Europe.

Our first stop was Granada. We arrived in Granada, checked into the hotel and took a walk around the city. We went to the Albacin neighborhood, walked the streets there and also saw from the top of the hill the Alhambra. On the second day we took a day tour of the Alhambra, which is just amazing. It’s so beautiful!!! We also walked around the city center just viewing the sights of Granada.

From Granada we stopped in Mijas on our way to Zahara de los Atunes. In Mijas we walked around and saw the typical white houses and the panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. We also saw donkeys, which are used for the donkey taxis. Mom loved seeing these and wanted to get a picture of her and Dad with a donkey!!!!

While we where in Zahara we relaxed on the beach, visited Barbate where Satcha used to spend his summers, went to Vejer de la Frontera, went to Tarifa and celebrated my 24th birthday.

After the days we spent in the south we drove back to Madrid where we spent a couple of days. We took a sightseeing tour to see the city.


dad said...

You forgot to mention you and Satcha working on the car!!!

Christine said...

That's right!!!! As Mom and Dad lay by the pool, drank sangria and talked with the Germans, Satcha and I went to Barbate to get the popped car tire fixed!!!