Uganda & Kenya & Tanzania August 2007

August 8, 2007 - September 2, 2007

Wednesday, August 8 - Flight Bilbao - Madrid - London - Kampala, Uganda
Thursday, August 9 - Kampala, Cross the equator, Lake Mburo National Park
Friday, August 10 - Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park
Saturday, August 11 - Queen Elisabeth National Park, Kazinga Channel
Sunday, August 12 - Kibale Forest National Park
Monday, August 13 - Kampala
Tuesday, August 14 - Source of the Nile River, Jinja
Tuesday, Wednesday, August 15 - Nile River Rafting
Thursday, August 16 - Travel to Kericho, Kenya
Friday, August 17 - Masai Mara
Saturday, August 18 - Masai Mara
Sunday, August 19 - Speke Bay
Monday, August 20 - Serengeti National Park
Tuesday, August 21 - Serengeti National Park
Wednesday, August 22 - Ngorongoro Crater
Thursday, August 23 - Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Eyasi
Friday, August 24 - Lake Eyasi - Hadzabe & Datoga Tribes
Saturday, August 25 - Masai Tribe, Moshi - Kilimanjaro
Sunday, August 26 - Usambara Mountains
Monday, August 27 - Flight Stonetown, Kendwa Beach
Tuesday, August 28 - Kendwa Beach
Wednesday, August 29 - Kendwa Beach
Thursday, August 30 - Stonetown
Friday, August 31 - Stonetown
Saturday, September 1 - Flight Stonetown - Arusha, Bus to Nairobi, Flight Nairobi - London
Sunday, September 2 - Flight London - Madrid - Bilbao

Serengeti SunriseThere are no words to describe the feelings and sensations you have when you travel through Africa. It is a very unique experience; the people, the animals and the landscapes.

This was the first time that we had gone on a trip with a group of people. The group was made up of 1 Spanish guide, 1 driver from South Africa, 1 cook from Tanzania and 19 tourists from all different areas of Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Victoria, etc. We all got along really well during the trip; it was a very nice group to travel with.

Arrival at Entebbe, UgandaWe traveled through Africa in an open back semi-truck. We sat in the back where the seats were formed in a U-shape. The two sides of the truck were open windows to allow us to see when we drove through towns or parks. The front area had a fabric-type-roof so that we could pull it back and be able to stand up and look out from the top of the truck. The floors of the back of the truck were hollow so that is where stored our backpacks, tents, mattresses, camp chairs, cooking utensils, food and water.

Ngorongoro CampsiteThe majority of the times we camped in the national parks. It's quite a sensation going to sleep in a tent and hearing the animals making noises and walking around at night. We were warned that if we needed to go to the bathroom at night that we needed to take a flashlight and use the buddy system, just in case we came upon an animal in the middle of the night!!!!

The hippo loved to sleep by out tents!!! Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals; we were warned not to come between a hippo and the water because they think you are blocking off their escape route and will attack you. The hippos came out of the water at night and slept in mud holes right next to our tents. They would make noises the whole night. Another time when we were camping at the Ngorongoro Crater our guide warned us that elephants, zebras and warthogs normally passed though the area where we were camped. Needless to say, I did not sleep that night thinking that I was going to be squashed by an elephant!!!!

Masai Mara Campsite with ElephantBut, I definitely believe that camping made the Africa experience even better. One morning in the Masai Mara we got up around 6am (like most mornings!) and we were eating breakfast. At that moment an elephant came walking down from a hill and passed right by us on his way to the watering hole. There I was having my morning coffee and an elephant walks right by!!! AMAZING!!!!

Serengeti CampsiteWhen we camped in the Serengeti we stayed at a camp ground that is reserved for the travel agency that we went with. They have permanent tents set up and each of these tents has a personal bathroom and shower (without running water). They were amazing!!!! It was like a mini house in the middle of the Serengeti National Park!!! The shower areas were at the back of the tent and consisted of four cloth walls, no ceiling and a hanging bag of hot water. I took a shower one night and it was quite a sensation. I was showering in the middle of the Serengeti Park, in Tanzania, looking up at all the stars. BEAUTIFUL!!! Ngorongoro Crater Lookout

The landscapes were AMAZING!!!! The savannas, the vast grasslands and the huge blue sky, of Africa are one of the most beautiful sights. The sky has a color of blue that looks fake.

Kids running up to the truckThe people were incredible, especially the kids. As we would drive through towns ALL the kids would come running for the truck just to wave and say hi. There was one time that we were driving Fishing Village Kazinga Channelthrough a small time and as we drove by a house I could hear kids screaming. They came running from the back of their house waving and screaming "Hello Muzungu!!!" (Hello White Person!!!) with big smiles on their faces.

We saw a lot of animals on the safaris:
TopiVultures (eating a topi)Hyena
HippoWildebeest (one of the ugliest animals!!!!)Ostrich
4 of the "Big 5" - lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo. We didn't get to see the rhino, because as were going to try to find one in the Masai Mara, in Keyna, our truck got stuck in water. (We saw from very, very, far the leg of a leopard sleeping in a tree, so I consider this seeing a leopard!!!
LionWe weren't able to take a pic!!! It was too far!!!Elephant

I have the most amazing memories of this will never be forgotten!!!

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