Spain December 1999

December 28, 1999 - January 12, 2000

I met Satcha on November 2, 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He invited me to come with him on his trip back home to Spain to spend Christmas break.

I flew to Bilbao, Spain on December 27 and arrived on December 28. I remember not sleeping on the flights because I was so nervous to meet his family and friends.

When I arrived at the Bilbao airport Satcha was waiting there to pick me up. Before we went to his Mom’s house he took me to Artaza Bar to have a coca-cola and try to relax because I was about to meet his Mom, sisters and brother. I’ll never forget driving up to his house and seeing Lara and Tirma waving from the window, and when we walked in the house Lara was ironing handkerchiefs.

It was a surprise for Satcha's friends that he was bringing an "American girl" home with him. He had planned that all his friends meet for a red bean lunch and that's where I met them. Everyone was so nice!!!! We had lunch and then went out. Very fun time…lots of laughs.

This was also my first New Year’s Eve in Spain. Incredible!!!

We started eating dinner around 10pm. It was a delicious dinner prepared by Raquel. Then we had to eat the 12 grapes. You eat 12 grapes the 12 seconds before midnight. And when the clock hits 00:00 you make a wish and the parties start!!!! All of Satcha's friends came to the house and there was quite a party...the drinks were flowing and the dancing was great!!! It was indescribable what happened that night!!! At about 3am we went out to the bars and continued the party. We had churros and chocolate for breakfast and got home around 8am. I’d never celebrated a New Year like that!!!!

We also went to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (the church on the rock in the middle of the ocean), Elantxobe (the fishing village), the Guggenheim and San Sebastian.

It was definitely a trip to remember!!!!!


Iván Benítez said...

That time you only smiled.
Nowdays you speak spanish much better than me and also continue smiling...