London May 2006

May 18, 2006 – May 21, 2006

Around March/April Pilar mentioned to me that she and the girls were going to take a weekend trip to London and invited me to come with. Eva's boyfriend, Cristobal, was living and working in London at that time, so Pilar, Eva, Eva and Sandra were going to go stay at his house. Since Satcha and I had already made the reservations for our Myanmar trip that November, I decided not to go with because of the $$$$ situation.

Monday, May 15, the week of when the girls were going, Satcha told me that he had an early birthday surprise for me. He told me that he had bought me a ticket to go with the girls to London!!!!!!

So, it was a "Girls (with Cristobal) Weekend in London"!!! We took a sightseeing tour and walked around and saw the sights of London.

Pilar and I took the flight back to Bilbao together. We took the subway to the bus station, but we couldn't find the bus station when we got there. I started running around looking for the station and our bus. Finally, we found the bus to Stansted Airport, almost missing it. When we got to Stansted we checked in for our flight and thought we had enough time to sit and have lunch in a restaurant. What we didn't know is that it would take us about 30 minutes to get to the boarding gate (Stansted seems like a small airport). So, we went to a restaurant and each ordered a sandwich. As we were watching the TV announcing the departure flights, we noticed that ours said "Last Call". So, we got our sandwiches and took off for the gate. We still had to go through security and there was a HUGE line!!!! So, we went to the front and explained to security that our flight had announced last call. We were let through the emergency security check...the check point where the late people go through quickly!!!! We then had to take the airport tram to the departures area, which took about 5 minutes. We got off the tram and ran full speed to the gate where we found that the gate still hadn’t been opened for boarding. Why did the put "Last Call" on the board then!??!?!?! So, Pilar and I sat down and ate our sandwiches while we waited to board.

It was a really fun weekend in London with the girls!!!!