Salamanca September 2011

September 30, 2011 - October 2, 2011
House of shells (Casa de las conchas)When I left my job to change companies, my coworkers gave me a gift certificate for two nights with breakfast at a choice of hotels in Spain as a going away present. I chose an old rural house that’d been converted into a hotel in the town of La Vadima, just outside of Salamanca. Salamanca was supposed to be a beautiful, medieval town with a great university atmosphere.

We left Friday afternoon and got to the hotel around 9:30pm. It was a nice hotel: an old farm house with 10 rooms. Small, but cozy!

On Saturday morning we went to Salamanca. It’s a small city, but pretty and nice to just walk around and enjoy the sightseeing and people watching. After lunch we went to Ciudad Rodrigo, a medieval town 1 hour from Salamanca. We walked along the walls protecting the town and visited the old part.

Los Arribes del DueroOn Sunday morning we drove to Los Arribes del Duero; a beautiful area where the Duero and Tormes rivers meet and flow though a canyon. The river is also a natural border between Spain and Portugal, so we took a boat ride on International waters!

It was a really nice, relaxing weekend getaway, and on top of that, it was our first trip that we took as a family of 3 (I was about 7 weeks pregnant)!!!!