San Diego & San Francisco April 2006

April 13, 2006 - April 18, 2006

In April I went to Milwaukee for a visit. Mom, Dad and I decided to fly to California and visit Andy in San Diego and Gillian in San Francisco.

We spent some days in San Diego where we got to visit Andy's house, walked around the Seaport Village, visited the Gaslamp Quarter and went to the Hyatt Hotel bar where Andy was working so that he could make us mojitos!!! Andy also took us to Cold Stone Creamery where we each got an ice cream, but someone "...didn't like it"...why you ask!!!..."It was too much!!!!"

Then Mom, Dad, Andy and I went to San Francisco
for a few days. We visited with Gillian, did the typical San Francisco tourism: Trolley ride, Fisherman's Wharf, Riptide Arcade, Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods and Salsalito. We also went to Napa Valley for a day and took some wine tasting tours.

It was a really fun time!!!!


Dad said...

That's right, Too Much!!!! Dad

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha. Never get's old!!!!!