Tenerife December 2013

December 15, 2013 - December 22, 2013
Not what I'd call the "typical Christine" trip, but it was a relaxing wonderful time!!
Happy Maya & MommyWe wanted to take a family vacation this year, and were looking for a place that Maya would have fun and that Satcha and I would be able to relax. Since the trip was planned for December, we wanted to some place warm and that wasn't a long flight. So, we decided on Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

We picked a hotel in the south of Tenerife since it is usually warmer and has less rain than in the north. We booked the "all inclusive" option, something we're not used to doing, mainly because we didn't want to have to worry about Maya's meals while we were on vacation, being the picky eater that she is and still needing her purées.

One week before we were set to leave, huge wind and rain storms hit the south of Tenerife, destroying beaches and affecting flights. I was nervous that it was going to affect our trip, but luckily, 3 days before we left, things had calmed down.

The trip there went well. Maya enjoyed looking at the planes while we were at the airport and looking out the window while we were flying. When we got to Tenerife, we had a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to the hotel. As we got to the hotel area, I looked at Satcha and said, "This is not our type of vacation." There were huge hotel complexes and lots of touristy shops and restaurants. When we got to the hotel, the majority of the people were over 60, dressed to impress, and not native-Spanish. (Maya kept looking at the grey haired men saying, "Bapa!!!" There were a lot of Bapas there!!!)

The first day it rained a little in the morning and was cool, but the rest of the week was 20sºC/70sºF and sunny. We went to the kiddy pool (the big pools were too cold for us), laid out in the sun, went to the playground, went to the kiddy area in the hotel that had a ball pit and area to play, looked for and watched the cat that was on the hotel grounds, snacked, and danced every day; pretty low key and relaxed.

There was a mini-disco for kids at 8:30pm every night, and then after, at 9:00pm, the adult dance started. We took Maya to the mini-disco the first night and she didn't want to leave our arms. As the week went by, she warmed up to it, and by the last night, she didn't want to leave the dance floor. She cried so hard when Satcha pulled her off the dance floor because the adult dance had started and they didn't want kids there (we got some nasty looks).

School of barracudas in the backgroundI also got to go scuba diving, which was really great. There was a lot of marine life to look at and I had a great time!!!

So, even though this wasn't my "typical Christine" trip, I did have a great time. I relaxed and, most of all, enjoyed seeing that Maya had a great time, too.

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