Croatia & Venice August 2014

August 9, 2014 - August 21, 2014
Saturday, August 9 - Flight Bilbao, Spain - Barcelona, Spain - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sunday, August 10 - Dubrovnik
Monday, August 11 - Ferry Lokrum Island
Tuesday, August 12 - Lapad. Dubrovnik
Wednesday, August 13 - Drive Dubrovnik - Markaska - Split
Thursday, August 14 - Split
Friday, August 15 - Ferry Hvar town
Saturday, August 16 - Drive Split - Trogir - Grabovac
Sunday, August 17 - Plitvice National Park. Drive Zadar
Monday, August 18 - Flight Zadar - Pula
Tuesday, August 19 - Pula
Wednesday, August 20 - Ferry Pula - Venice, Italy
Thursday, August 21 - Flight Venice - Bilbao

Dubrovnik city wallsThis was a sometimes relaxing, sometimes stressful trip (I assume it's like this for everyone who travels with a 2 year old), but all in all, it was fun and I have wonderful memories.

We picked Croatia because we were going to be traveling with Maya, 2 years old, and we wanted a place where we could sightsee as well as play (and possibly relax) on the beaches.

It was a nice place to travel, but it wasn't a "WOW" trip for me, and I was kind of expecting a "WOW" trip from the way people talked about Croatia. In my opinion, the main thing to do in Croatia is to swim in the sea and lay in the sun (not a bad plan, but Maya isn't a "lay-in-the-sun" kind of kid!!!). Just about everywhere there are rocks to jump off of and lay on, and there are ladders installed in the rocks to help you get out of the water, which is really nice. Since we were with Maya, we only went to the beaches. The majority of the beaches are pebble or rock (definitely recommend wearing some type of water shoe, the first day we went to Banje Beach in Dubrovnik and I didn't have my flip flops, it hurt my feet so much). Almost all of the beaches were set up with chairs, umbrellas and changing stations to use - very convenient!!!

I knew before going, since we were traveling in August, that there were going to be a lot of people, but I didn't expect so many. The places we went to were packed, both in the towns sightseeing as well as on the beaches. On the beaches, people were practically laying on top of one another. There were so many people, that a lot of times, it was hard to find a path to get from our towel to the water and back.

Plitvice National ParkDespite this not being a "WOW" trip for me, Croatia has beautiful landscapes, islands and coasts and delicious fish and seafood. We traveled to a lot of different places around the country and saw a lot of beautiful sights. Almost everyday we went swimming in the Adriatic Sea and ate ice cream.

We spent the last day of the trip in Venice, since we could take a direct flight back to Bilbao. We'd already been to Venice in 2004, so we didn't have anything we needed or wanted to see. We took it easy. We walked around a little bit, Maya liked seeing the pigeons in San Marcos Plaza (I was grossed out-don't like pigeons!!) and loved walking up and down all of the steps on the bridges. Here too, there were so many people, too many. But, we ended the trip really well, with a delicious dinner (caprese salad, seafood risotto -the best I've ever had- and tiramisu for dessert) at a restaurant on the canal.

The highlights of the trip were:
  • Dubrovnik - What a beautiful city.DubrovnikThe coastal medieval walled city, with steps everywhere (not good when you have a stroller), surprised me a lot. I didn't expect it to be so pretty.
  • Trogir - Really pretty medieval city
  • Plitvice National Park - Seafood dinner with wineThe waterfalls and lakes are incredible
  • Eating seafood (squid, octopus and prawns!!!) and ice cream - DELICIOUS

  • And the best part of all...
  • Watching Maya travel!!! Running around Zadar Sun Salutation- We did a lot of moving around, everyday seeing something. Maya was such a good traveler!!! She liked walking around by herself ("no hands"-didn't want to hold hands), jumping off steps, swimming and she especially liked eating ice cream!!! I had such a fun time just watching her!!!

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